17 nov 2015

BLUES STORIES - by Milda Žemaitytė (SBA member)

A story of Blues by „Psicofusión Danza de APSA“ and „SBA Blues Band“

“Blues Stories” is a magical, incredible and unforgettable show which leads us through the history of Blues. Choreography, scenography and various styles of the genre make the audience travel in time and to different locations together with the main character of the story who represents the Blues music itself.


The Choreography, performed by the talented and passionate “Psicofusión Danza APSA“ group, makes the spectator feel the good energy, love and as a part of the show. The leader of the group, Jessica Aguilar, has interpreted the selected music and designed a specific choreography having in mind each dancer and providing the show with the necessary sparkle, gentleness and sensuality of Blues.

The Dance creates the meaning of the songs and even of the Band. This is one of the qualities and objectives of Blues and its expression from the social point of view from its beggining: the entertainment, leisure and relationships in a community. As well as the sensation, setting yourself free through the union of music and dance.

The generalized simplicity of harmonic structures of Blues allows both the musician and the dancer to improvise freely as they don‘t have to stay in the alert for complicated changes and are able to enjoy themselves on stage.

The dancers:

Mercedes Antón, Elena Belzunce, Sara Bernal, Izan Campos, M. José Catalán, Pepe Cubi, Beatriz Ferrández, Marta Francés, Juan Antonio García, María Gómez, Raquel Gonzálvez, Javier L. León, Carolina Miguelez, M. Carmen Moreno, Marta Ortuño, Natalia Paz, María Ruiz, Manuel Sánchez, Natalia Tendero, Beatriz Verdú, Alejandro Gómez, Samantha Muñoz, Roberto Sánchez, Raquel González.


Performing Blues is mostly based on improvization, musical moment, direct and pure expression. Thats why live music, together with choreography and scenography, make the show a unique moment.

The „SBA Blues Band“ consists of musicians, experienced in this genre, members and collaborators of SBA. A selection of Alicante‘s Blues scene professionals from various areas of the province.

The musicians:

Roberto Hidalgo: Guitar, Santiago Burgui: Guitar and Mandoline, Víctor Jordá: Voice and guitar, Jose Antonio Fraile: Double Bass, Rafa Navas: Electric Bass, Juanjo Alfonso: Harmonic, Nelson del León: Drums, Quique Simón: Piano.

Narrator and actor: Lydia Bueno

Designer and choreography director: Jess Aguilar

Script and original idea author, music director: Víctor Jordá

Stage managers: Pedro Hernández and Julia Sánchez

Sound: Manolo Salido, Sono3

Milda Žemaitytė (SBA member)

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